YOUR HOME: Decorating tips from the pros
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With summer waning and cooler weather on the horizon, perhaps you’re beginning to run through your mind a list of indoor projects.

If freshening up the inside of your home is on that list, we’ve got advice from two local interior designers – Shannon Connor of Indigo by Shannon Connor Interiors in Princeton, and Deborah Leamann of Deborah Leamann Interior Design in Pennington – on choosing the right pieces, decorating oddly shaped spaces and accessorizing. Here is what they had to share.

If you’re going to splurge on a piece of furniture, what piece should it be and what should you take into account?

Mrs. Connor: Buy good quality upholstered pieces with clean classic lines and proper scale. These pieces will last a lifetime, if treated properly, and when your tastes change, it is easy to reupholster them to completely update the look.

Ms. Leamann: This may not be what you would expect as a response, but if you want to invest, I would say art. Sofas and chairs come and go, but art is an expression of who you are. There is nothing better than creativity in a home. Antiques and antiques rugs are also a great form of expression and investment.

If you need to get good pieces for less, where are the best places to shop?

Mrs. Connor: Vintage stores, flea markets and estate sales.

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Online commenters can be mean. That’s not news. But when they’re being hateful about people’s personal spaces or decorating decisions, it can feel like an invasion.

Elle Décor’s community manager Annemarie Dooling wrote an essay looking at how online discussions about rug choices, kitchen cabinets and decorating decisions have “become so heated.”

“Internet comments sections are notorious hothouses of disagreement, but when the insults fly on articles about dining room color schemes, it’s indicative of a much larger problem,” she writes. “Unchecked verbal arguments can make even the friendliest blog an unsafe space for those of us who want to chat about refurbishment plans or hunt for inspiration. But when we’re discussing paint colors and bookends, how can it possibly become so heated?”

Dooling’s column is interspersed with screen shots of actual comments from the Elle Décor and House Beautiful Facebook pages. Some are startlingly nasty.

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