When couple’s ideas clash on home decorating, compromise is key
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Moving in with someone means making sacrifices. Couples have to adjust to each other’s schedules, surrender some privacy and come up with a fair system to decide who will take out the trash.

But maybe the most unanticipated hurdle of mixing homes is agreeing on how the place will be decorated. His tufted leather sofa won’t exactly complement your white leather sectional. Your framed Edgar Degas prints alongside his mounted taxidermy? Uh, no.

A recent survey commissioned by online art store UGallery found that nearly 60 percent of women respondents thought “managing different home decor styles” was one of the biggest move-in challenges for couples. This includes coming to a consensus on colors and furniture, how to decorate walls and — the most cited in the survey — how to incorporate existing household items with your partner’s.

“The goal is to create a home everyone loves and feels loved and nurtured in,” said Sharon Hanby-Robie, interior designer and author of “Decorating Without Fear: A Step-By-Step Guide to Creating the Home You Love” (Thomas Nelson). For that to happen, compromise is a must.

Without it, you’ll both be living in a home that one — or both — of you dislike. That can lead to resentment, and worse. For some couples, redecorating can be so divisive that it threatens the relationship.

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A lover of Scandinavian simplicity and a maximalist walk into an apartment. What happens next? Well, if they’re brand-new roommates, some tests of patience and understanding may lie ahead. Whether you’re cohabitating out of choice or necessity, sharing a space can be tricky – especially when you have wildly different tastes. The situation is fraught with challenges, and feelings often get hurt. To help, we’ve asked friends and coworkers who survived their own roommate situations for tips on how to make it work. Read on for all the dos and don’ts to keep cohabiting friendly and conflict-free!


“Keep in mind how you’ll split things up once you go separate ways! If you and your roommate each buy three dining chairs for a total set of six, you’ll walk away with a strange number of chairs, and the style may be out of stock by then.” – Kat


“Create a secret Pinterest board with your roommate for decorating inspiration! This is obviously a great tool for instant inspiration, but it also allows you to get a better sense of your roommate’s taste and personal style.” – Michelle


“Try to find common ground when it comes to decorating. Try talking about your taste in art, music, fashion and who knows what commonalities you’ll uncover.” – Jasmin


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