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If you’re like most brides, you probably have lots of ideas when it comes to decorating for your wedding reception, but absolutely no ideas when it comes to decorating the church, let alone the church pews. Fortunately, help is on the way. Read on for several church pew decoration ideas that are sure to get noticed.

Flower Pots- It’s not unusual to see flowers hung from church pews, but it is unusual to see them hung in flower pots. Check your local craft store or home and garden center for flower pot hangers. This simple metal hanger will have a hole at the bottom where the pot sits, and a hook at the top that can be placed over the top of the pew to support the flowers. Then just pick out some small potted plants to sit inside the hangers. With a small enough guest list, they can even be used after the ceremony as wedding favors.

Sachet Bags- Treat your guests’ noses to a sweet smelling surprise by hanging a sachet bag from each pew. Check the potpourri and wedding aisles of your local craft store for a wide selection of sachet bags. Then choose a fragrant blend of potpourri, and fill each bag.

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