Tips on Decorating for Halloween
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Do you decorate your home for Halloween? If so, Sunday may be the perfect day to decorate for the holiday in Duluth.

According to WeatherBug — the source for weather information on Patch sites — the day is expected to be 75 and partly cloudy on Sunday.

I’ve been around the Trick-or-Treat block more than a few times and decorating the outside of the house has become one of the family’s favorite things to do each year.

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What started with a couple of carved pumpkins put out on the front stoop the night before Halloween has grown into a weekend-long family activity filled with store-bought and hand-made decorations, arts and crafts, and lots of strategy — like whether white trash bags are a fitting replacement for actual sheets when crafting ghosts.

By no means are we experts, but here are five fun, easy and inexpensive ways to get ready for the big day.

1. Two words: Dollar store. There are many varieties of these discount stores throughout Gwinnett, and many are filled with Halloween ideas. In less than an h…………… continues on

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For some, elaborate decorating a fun Halloween tradition
News from SW Iowa News:

Dee Murphy loves her monsters.

Seven of them stand in her front yard, cloaked in black, menacing scowls on their faces. The group shares the ground with gravestones, skeletons, spiders and black cats.

“I love having a place where the kids go out on Halloween and see something,” said Murphy, who’s decorated at her home on 10th Avenue near 34th Street for 27 years. “I love doing this.”

A large faux spider web ensnares a tree in the yard, with several large spiders there to scare. Hands and heads pop from the ground in front of many of the tombstones, the dead rising to scare trick-or-treaters. And on a fence along Murphy’s driveway rest black cats whose eyes glow at night.

The felines have sentimental value for Murphy, who made the decorations as a teenager with her father, Floyd Hanslip. Growing up on 26th Street and Avenue L, dad and daughter would team to decorate for the spooky holiday.

“This is in my blood, I’ve been doing it so long,” Murphy said while on her front porch, looking over the decorations. “Dad got me going.”

Area resident Rose Smith said the decorations bring life to the neighborhood.

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