Springville residents win Halloween home decorating contest
News from Daily Herald:

SPRINGVILLE — The Springville recreation department wanted to reward the hundreds of hours some residents spend decorating their home and yard to celebrate Halloween. These folks don’t just put a couple of gel clings in the window and pumpkins on the porch, they go all out.

“We had 11 nominations come in this year,” said Chuck Keeler, Springville recreation director. “We actually looked at 20 homes around the city and gave awards to three although there were a lot of great decorations.”

It’s the city’s first Halloween home decorating contest in recent years and was planned by Keira Davis in the recreation department. Many home owners enjoy decorating to celebrate the holiday and to entertain their neighbors and friends.

The top winner, according the panel of judges was the Bailey home at 220 W. 600 North because it was the most interactive. In addition to animation, music and lots of fog, actors in costume interact with visiting children.

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In-Store Decorating Tips for Fall
News from Patch.com:

Walk into any store this time of year and you’ll spot some flavors of fall.

Wreaths, scarecrows, pumpkins and colorful inserts can help transform your home into a fall haven. Patch reporter, Danielle Anzelone, has some tips and tricks to decorate your home for the fall season.

Though there are plentyof choices to decorate your home, there are some simple, inexpensive options. Certain items can accentuate the home, but if you’re looking for a centerpiece to “wow” your Thanksgiving and Halloween visitors, it’s suggested to look for something more eye-catching.

Before buying your items, a few locals have some ideas in mind when it comes to shopping for fall decorations.

Vince Spiritosanto says, “Well, this time of year, I’d be looking for Halloween decorations, of course…pumpkins, maybe a scarecrow. Something along those lines I would guess.”

“Leaves, different colored leaves, pumpkins…lights,” says Lisa Sedlock.

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