Simple home improvements are easy on your budget
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2012-08-12T00:00:00Z 2012-08-10T11:54:10Z Simple home improvements are easy on your budgetby Michelle Krueger Times Homes Columnist

In keeping with the growing post-recession trend of doing more with less, homeowners are on the lookout for fresh, low-cost alternatives when it comes to revitalizing their homes.

The popularity of Pinterest — which combines two of most compelling social media elements: visual content and sharing — makes it a dynamic go-to place for do-it-yourselfers. With categories like home décor and gardening to pique your interest, be warned — Pinterest can be addictive.

While some pins are strictly “wish list” items, there are plenty that provide inspiration for those who want to spruce things up a bit in anticipation of fall, including some great tips that can be applied throughout your home if you’re staging to sell or decorating after a move.

Try these simple and inexpensive projects to transform something old into something new:

Add some fall color to your landscape. Pinterest offers some great inspiration and shows how a little time and effort can go a long way when it c…………… continues on

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Dorm room decorating 101
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2012-08-12T00:00:00Z 2012-08-09T20:33:23Z Dorm room decorating 101Debbie Arrington Sacramento Bee Sioux City Journal

It may be small (and shared). But for at least one academic year, for thousands of college students, it’s home.

Over generations, the dorm room hasn’t gotten bigger. But the amount of must-have stuff — including technology — that needs to squeeze into that space has morphed into a much longer list.

“All our rooms now have Wi-Fi access and satellite TV packages,” said Peggy Luers, coordinator for housing administration at California State University, Sacramento. “That was not an option when I was in school.”

“Students need to be aware that the space they’re moving into is probably smaller than they’re used to — and they’re sharing,” Luers said. “Don’t bring everything all at once. You don’t want a crowded room. You need a place to study.”

Each college has its own variations of dorm do’s and don’ts with some constants. No nails in the walls. No painting. No pets (except maybe fish).

But that leaves plenty of decorating options.

Major companies have taken notice, fulfilling dorm…………… continues on Sioux City Journal

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