Simple Home Design Ideas to Impress the Neighbors
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If we walked into your house right now, what would we find? Would you sprint ahead to tidy up? Is there an uncomfortable lack of personal effects in your home?

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Like it or not, we are all judged by the homes we live in. So it’s important to know how best to utilize your space to create a pleasant experience for all. Focus on building a home — big or small — that works for you. You’ll be amazed at the difference an organized home can have on your psyche. No one wants to live a cluttered life, and like it or not, your family and friends are going to judge you by the home you keep.

Lucky for you, Mashable has unearthed a goldmine of design tips to help you keep your living quarters smart and sleek. (And there’s always

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Home décor ideas to put some ‘pow’ in your powder room
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Ever wonder why it’s called a powder room?

It’s the smallest room in a home yet gets the most use and, for the most part, there is generally no powder. When we design them, we try to put the “pow” in “powder.” The ideas we present to clients, though, are often met with a combination of, “Really?” and, “That sounds like a lot!” It is the one place in the house that you are allowed to go to the edge and then add just a little more, with complete success.

The term “powder room,” apparently, was coined in the 18th century to describe the small interior closet, where people would go to have their wigs and faces re-powdered. The term survived through the Victorian age and ultimately became a euphemism for the toilet as the English frowned on anything that directly referred to bodily functions.

It lives on, however the term is rarely used in conversation but often found in real estate descriptions. Guests and family use the powder room — essentially, a toilet and a sink — regularly becau…………… continues on Toronto Star

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