Santa’s home wins decorating contest in Diamond Bar
News from San Gabriel Valley Tribune:

for DWH-L-WINNERS FOR DIAMOND BAR HIGHLANDER 12/26 2013 Holiday Home Decorating Contest winners. . Best Use of Theme: Patty Knoll: 24011 Highcrest Drive

Some say Santa’s summer home is in Diamond Bar. After visiting the award-winning home on Highcrest Drive, you would believe it, too.

“One grandmother told her grandson that Santa lives here,” said homeowner Patty Knoll. “The kid jumped out of the car and ran up to my front door.”

Indeed, everyone loves Patty’s Christmas decorations. This year, the holiday display won Best Use of Theme in the city’s Home Decorating Contest.

“My boyfriend, Roger, and I were happy to receive the award; we both love Christmas,” Patty explained.

Of course, it took two straight weekends to put up all the decorations. There are 24 large candy canes lighting the sidewalk, three large reindeer, three large snowmen and a rather nice Santa Claus.

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