My Extreme Home Decorating Fear Has Left Me Paralyzed
News from The Stir:

The thing is, it shouldn’t be a problem. But it is … in the scheme of first-world, non-imminent problems mind you, but still it’s driving me crazy. “It” is my ridiculous inablity to decorate my house.

Not decorate well, just decorate as in choose a few paint colors, hang some curtains, and put together a “big girl” room for my nearly 4-year-old daughter who is still sleeping in her nursery (and in her crib — if truth be told). But in the five years since we bought this house, I’ve yet to make any significant changes to make it our own, and thus we live in a world of beige. It’s a lovely shade of beige, but still, we’re not a beige kind of family.

Oh, there are pictures on the walls, but only where there were nails left by the previous owners. Even driving in a new nail gives me all sorts of anxiety. The curtain rod in my son’s room has curtain rings hanging desperately bare because I haven’t been able to commit to any kind of draperies. Thankfully there are some blinds for privacy, but still you’d think in five years, I might be able to choose some.

It’s not a problem of money as I actually have a designated budget for this task that we’ve set aside. It’s not a huge…………… continues on The Stir

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Home Style: Decorate for the holidays with a nod to nature
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When I decorate my home for the holidays, I like to get really creative with my dining-room decor. I find it energizing to think up new ways to pay tribute to the season in this special space, where my family and friends gather for Christmas dinner. This year’s display is a soft and serene celebration of Mother Nature. If you want to do it up big in one room of your home this year, here are some tips for creating a whole-room display that is as enchanting as a walk in the wintery woods.

First, pick a dramatic focal point. When guests walk into the room, you want them to be dazzled by one display that takes their breath away. But be sure to stop there: If you have more than one big show going on, you run the risk of making the space visually overwhelming. Usually I go for shock and awe on my dining-room table. I like to think of this long plank of wood as a stage just waiting for a story. This all-important display sets the scene for the decor in my dining room, and often for my entire home, so I choose it with great care.

Have you ever walked through the woods after a snow, drinking in the peaceful solitude and enjoying the stillness of the natural beauty around you? That’s the feeling I wanted to evoke in my dining room this year. When I saw some snow-covered trees at market this year, I knew I had found my heart-stealing focal point for my dining-room t…………… continues on Norwich Bulletin

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