Marni Jameson’s At Home: In decorating, know the rules before you break them
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The lines, and furniture shapes are modern in contemporary interiors , but the rules relax as comfort becomes important.

Back in my college days of idealism, when I worked for no pay, I wrote a paper called “From Fiction to Non-Fiction: Writing Along the Continuum.” I looked at writing at its extremes, from fantastified fiction to stripe-straight reporting, with stopovers at essay, memoir, humor and opinion writing.

I did this for selfish reasons. If I were going to be a writer, I wanted to write it all — facts, lies and everything in between. (Hence this column, a blend of fact and fiction if there ever was one.) I wanted to know the rules, so I could break them.

I feel the exact same way about decorating. Maybe that’s ideal, but I don’t like to feel pigeonholed.

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Next week on Your Life: Home decor dos and don’ts
News from Northumberland News:

DURHAM — It’s hard to know what works when decorating a room. There are many rules when it comes to home decor and we all slip up now and then.

To avoid making some of the most common decorating faux pas, we have a video series next week with Endless Ideas. From getting started to choosing drapery and accessorizing, design consultant Ashlyn Beharrell shares her tips for tackling decor basics.

Located in the Grass House in historic downtown Brooklin, this store opened in 2005. Endless Ideas is home to furnishings, accessories, area rugs, lighting and more, and is also proud to be an exclusive Sid Dickens dealer as well as one of the region’s best sources of Lampe Berger. The team at Endless Ideas can help you achieve your dream space — either by shopping in store, or through their comprehensive design service, where they will hand-pick the ideal pieces to suit your home and lifestyle. Ms. Beharrell enjoys helping clients find a look they love.

Stay with us as we will have a video for each day of the week.

Video series breakdown:

Monday, Sept. 15: Bedding

In this video, Ms. Beharrell has a seasonal mix and match of bedding to show you. Simple geom…………… continues on Northumberland News

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