Madison Style at Home: Decorating with Parisian style
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Paris has cultivated an eye for design over centuries. That singular design aesthetic can be found locally thanks to Anastasia and Adam Korbitz, a local couple who shop French flea markets and sell their finds at Middleton’s Confectionique.

The City of Lights’ aesthetic combines a cultural love for design with the minimalist requirements necessitated by life in often-cramped apartments.

Every trip to Paris is different, Anastasia Korbitz said, but each one reignites her love for the city and its style.

“We have traveled to Paris more times than I can count, but each visit is magical with unexpected experiences,” she said. “We have made a little life for ourselves in Paris. We have favorite uncommon places, markets, restaurants, places to picnic and walk. We have business relationships and we have friends. In the words of Gertrude Stein, ‘America is my country, but Paris is my hometown.’ ”

The Korbitzes have stayed in dozens of Parisian homes in a variety of arrondissements. While no two homes are identical, Paris homes do share a few common design traits and an open, comfortable feeling, she said. Considering that many Parisians live in apartments considered small by American standards, an “open vibe” is a notable result.

Decorating with Parisian style does not require a large budget, Korbitz said, but it entails shopping very selecti…………… continues on

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Gold shines on in home decor
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Rich, regal and oh-so-luxurious, gold is back with a vengeance in the world of home decor. I am thrilled, because my love light never dimmed for this precious metal and its ability to warm up a room and imbue it with style. Depending upon your passion for gold, you can go high luxe by washing your room in it. Or you can add just a glint here and there to thread in a tiny touch of luster. Here are the top five ways we’re decorating with gold right now.

1. Turn on a gold lamp to give a room a glamorous glow.

When I design a room, I often use accent lamps as a tool to pop in contrasting color, texture or pattern. It’s a simple way to give a space something special and unexpected. If you want a touch of glam in your decor, dot in a gold lamp or two. My favorites right now are styles with cleaner silhouettes with a matte or rubbed finish.

What makes these gold lamps so much fresher and more interesting than the super shiny brass that was so popular 20 years ago? Contemporary lines, with a shape that is beefy, not spindly. Also, these unique lamps stand alone, not in the matched sets we used to see in living rooms in the ’70s and ’80s.

2. Use bold and brassy gold accents to add zing to your spaces.

Lots of home accents right now sport a bright, brassy, high-luster finish. We are all about pairing the precio…………… continues on Lincoln Journal Star

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