Lights, displays decorate homes for the holidays
News from Valley News:

Saturday, December 22nd, 2012
Issue 51, Volume 16.

Gordon Macpherson and his wife Kathie’s amazing light display located at 29814 Marhill Circle in Temecula won second place in the City of Temecula’s Christmas Light Contest for the Griswold style category. Since 1989, the Macpherson’s have been showing off their great display for the community. Hand cut, carved, and painted decorations cover their entire home. A glass display of Santa’s workshop and an estimated 25,000 lights make this masterpiece unique. Regarding the visitors who come to see his display, Gordon Macpherson says, “Just seeing people’s smiling faces makes it all worth while.” Visitors are welcome in the backyard where more decorations can be seen. The Macpherson’s neighbors also join in on the decorating. Visitors who come by will see a group of Christmas trees in the backyard that were decorated by their neighbors and named by those who did the decorating during a holiday get-together at their home. From now through Christmas, families are encouraged to drop by and see this display where Santa may be present to greet visitors.

A Harveston home’s Christmas Light display located at 40385 Corrigan Place in Temecula.

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Winners of home decorating contest announced
News from The Friday Flyer:

As Canyon Lake residents welcome family members and friends this weekend, they probably will want to take time to drive around the community by car and golf cart to view the many displays of lights and good cheer. There is even a home where the lights flash in coordination with music played on a radio station!

The Home Owners Club asked residents to submit their addresses if they wanted to be included in the Holiday Decorating Contest on December 16. President LaRue McNamara announced the following winners, calling them “the best of the best.” The Yacht Club judged waterfront decor.


29805 Santa Maria


30213 Gulfstream

30595 Sparrow Hawk

23110 Blue Bird

30597 Meadow Lark


30031 Rim Rock

30298 Skipjack

30265 Channel Way

24242 Cruise Circle


23550 Canyon Club

28189 Yosemite

30416 Cinnamon Teal

22970 Compass

22676 Canyon Club


30406 Bear River

29379 Old Wrangler (back of property overlooking Vacation Dr.)


23021 Giant Fir


22884 Skylink


Mustang Court


22785 Waterview

23210 Gray Fox

30319 Big River

30211 Cove View

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