Husbands Shouldn’t Be Allowed to Make Home Decor Decisions
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It all started when we bought our first house together two years ago. Prior to that we had been living in a small condo in the city, which we also owned, but for some reason we always agreed on decorating decisions. Add in another 1,200 square feet? And all that synchronicity was gone like the wind.

Our first fight was about color in the living room. The former owners had painted the living room and sitting room a horrifying forest green, which they’d then made worse by inserting bits of patterned, gold wallpaper into framed squares. It was ugly, indeed, and on that we agreed.

On everything else? Not so much. Should the walls be gray (like I wanted)? Should we paint the woodwork to lighten it up (like I wanted)? Should we buy a gray couch (like we wanted)? Or an orange one (like I did)?

You get the idea. I started telling friends of our fights, which were becoming epic and the one thing most all of them agreed on was this: Men have NO business making decorating decisions.

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Middleton boutique The Regal Find will host a series of craft workshops this fall.

Handmade crafts are more popular than ever, said Jessica Regele, owner of The Regal Find. While crafting has been popular for centuries, the advent of home decorating television shows, blogs and social media websites give decorators a surplus of ideas and the ability to follow a design process in detail.

“It used to be, you might get a craft magazine once a month that would have a new idea in it,” Regele said.

The craft might cost money for supplies and provide little resources to overcome mistakes, she said, all for something that may not be the person’s individual style. Today, people can see a variety of ideas and read about the process and how to overcome mistakes.

“There isn’t one way to decorate,” she said. “You don’t have one stringent design style you have to follow.”

The prevalence of vintage-looking, distressed furniture pieces lends itself to crafting because people want to create an accessory to match the unique look of their furniture, she said. If someone buys or paints a distressed-painted end table, they may feel inspired to create a complementary craft to sit on top.

“People are crafting more to match their vintage pieces,” she said. “It’s the juxtaposition of old and new that people are finding they can have fun creating themse…………… continues on

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