How to design a functional wardrobe to suit every budget
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How to design a functional wardrobe to suit every budget

By: Rekha Kavoor, TNN

Small space, less cost should be the principle while designing the decor around a small home. Let your imagination flow on a shoestring budget without hindering your innovative decor ideas for the favourite spaces around your home.

While many people concentrate and spend their entire decor budget on planning their living room, bathroom, and kitchen, not much thought is spared to the wardrobe. However, in the present times, wardrobes are not only there for storage but as an essential home decor element too.

New varieties in wardrobes are stylish, and functional too. Portable wardrobes have come up in different shapes and sizes that can fit in rooms of any dimension.

For that stylish look, wall-to-wall designs with trendy, hinged doors, sliding doors or even just open layout type doors are good. The finishes that come in white, glass and wood, among others, can furnish your bedroom elegantly.


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