How to decorate your home for the Fourth of July
News from Fox News:

The Fourth of July commemorates the United States’ declaration of independence in 1776, and stands as a testament to a nation’s right to govern itself and the universal rights of all people. On this holiday, Americans enjoy the simple pleasures of fireworks, barbecues, baseball games and picnics. Here are some ways to celebrate and decorate your home:

Fly the American flag
Old Glory is the obvious first decoration for your front lawn. Its 50 stars (for all of the states) and 13 stripes (for the 13 original colonies) are especially appropriate for your front lawn on the Fourth of July.

Pamela H. Meyer, president of the American Society of Interior Designers’ Los Angeles Chapter, says the flag needs to be given respect. “Do not hang the flag upside down. Do not use the flag for napkins or table cloth or on the floor,” she says.

Use colonial era furniture, if possible
Use decorations that are reminiscent of 18th century America, when the young nation enacted the values that provided the foundation for our current constitutional republic. Andrea Correale, president of caterer and event planner Elegant Affairs, recommends using galvanized buckets to make it look like “old school ‘New England’ Americana.”

Incorporate red, white and blue into your decorations
Meyer says use red, whit…………… continues on Fox News

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Creating a personal paradise in your own home
News from Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

What does “paradise” mean to you? For most of us, thoughts of paradise conjure up sundrenched beaches and glistening waters, swaying palm trees and a bright tropical drink with a tiny umbrella on the top.

Back to reality: Your tech devices are buzzing insistently, your kids, spouse and coworkers are asking for help with homework and housework or the next project, and you’re lucky to be able to break away for a quick run to the coffee shop, much less an island dream vacation.

But what if you could create your own paradise – right at home? “Staycations” are all the rage right now and in today’s hectic life, it’s more important than ever to create a relaxing atmosphere where you can unwind and recharge, making every day at home a little escape.

Creating your own personal Shangri-La can be as easy as bringing home accessories with pops of enchanted color and elements of sparkle into your environment. Mix and mingle bright accents like pillows, drapes or vases to energize your space with a vibrant melody of color.

Spring and summer’s best home decor features hues that are a new twist on jewel tones. And when you think of island scenes, use your imagination to find ways to bring the colors and feel of paradise into your home. Think of…………… continues on Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

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