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Most of us can’t resist picking up those home decorating magazines or visiting the websites that offer the latest Quick & Easy Decorating ideas and Home & Décor trends to help us create Better Homes or a House Beautiful. Whether your style is Southern Living or Country Living, we just want some Real Simple tips and ideas to make our House & Home a Romantic Home, a Traditional Home, an Ideal Home, a Fresh Home, or at least something we can be proud of when friends and family stop by.

So, we flip through the pages, skimming the articles penned by the “experts” and scanning the before-and-after photos, trying to glean something that can be translated from haute décor to something we can afford, some ideas that we can realistically use to add a bit of panache or pizazz to our own home sweet — if a bit tired looking — home.

Enter Angela Rowe, a Decorating Den certified designer and owner of Decorating Den Interiors in Harrisburg, one of the most pleasant, knowl…………… continues on The Southern

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