Hostas on the menu? Sweet potatoes for decoration? Some plants and veggies do …
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Sweet potato vines decorating window boxes? Blueberry plants prized more for their foliage than their fruit?

Some flowers and vegetables are as appealing in the home garden as they are on the menu.

“We generally are interested in something to eat when we grow vegetables. In some cases, however, certain vegetable cultivars have been bred and selected for their ornamental characteristics rather than their food quality,” said Dan Gill, a Louisiana State University AgCenter horticulturist.

Ornamental sweet potatoes are a prime example, he said.

“They’ve been really popular in the last 15 or 20 years,” Gill said. “The early ones can easily cover 5 square feet. Plant a few in a container and they will fill it in.”

Sweet potatoes are vining plants, members of the morning glory family, so they work equally well as low-growing bedding plants, as ground cover, on climbing arbors or trailing from hanging baskets, he said.

“They can be aggressive, however. Breeders are developing hybrids that are less vigorous and that play well in mixed beds with other plants,” Gill said. “They do produce an edible crop but they’re not that tasty. Gardeners like them more for their colored foliage.”

Blueberries are another great multi-use option, said Scott NeSmith, a research horticulturist at the University of Georgia-Griffin campus.<…………… continues on Washington Post

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Special to the Daily News

These days, most towns in America have a cupcake shop or so it seems, considering the continuing popularity of the little treats. Some towns even have more than one gourmet cupcake boutique, although Palm Beach, surprisingly, lacks even one.

I must admit baking cupcakes was fun when, as a child, Mother used to let us lick the batter bowl and also help frost those oh-so-delicious homemade treats.

I also remember those twin packs of Hostess cupcakes, especially the chocolate variety with the white cream filling and the chocolate-icing top decorated with a white squiggle line. I often had those Hostess cupcakes packed with my lunch in a small carry-to-school tin. Sometimes, the twin pack contained the vanilla variety with the lemon icing.

At this year’s American Red Cross Show House in West Palm Beach, for which I served as the honorary chairman, the kitchen included a handsome glass-covered cake stand on which cupcak…………… continues on Palm Beach Daily News

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