Homeowners, Paint Experts Roll Out Some Wall Treatment Advice
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Walk into any room for the first time and your subconscious may pick up on its ambiance — cool, warm, old, charming, inviting, sleek, rich, laid-back, relaxing … you get the point. If walls could talk, they’d likely utter those words. Walls, in fact, create a room’s personality. This is true not only with colors, but also texture and paint-application techniques.

Area homeowners, painters and artists agree that one can obtain just about any type of mood one wants by paying attention to a wall’s textures and tones. Here, they weigh in with ideas on everything from glazing, rolling and striating to Venetian plaster techniques.

Pleasing plaster

It took a few years for Aimee Began of Royal Oak to settle on a career, but ever since she found it, it’s been full steam ahead. Began, who owns Lusso Artistry, has been creating highly sought-after textured and special-finish walls for the past…………… continues on Patch.com

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