Home Style: Want dreamier decor? Time for some pillow talk!
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They may be featherweights, but as decorating tools, accent pillows pack a powerful punch. Time and again I’ve seen the right pillows take a nothing room and make it fresh and fabulous.

I like to reinvent my living room on a regular basis. I don’t get a roomful of new furnishings or paint the walls a new color. I simply switch out the accent pillows. This little switcharoo, performed during the changing of the seasons, is a super-simple and cost-effective way to keep this key room looking fresh.

Here are some simple steps I follow when working in my own home or with customers at Nell Hill’s stores.

Picking out the blend of colors, patterns and fabric styles for accent pillows is a personal pilgrimage. There is no one right approach or combination, except the one that makes your heart jump for joy. Some people want a mix of classics that will never go out of style. Others want to embrace the latest trends, with the freshest and newest colors and patterns. Some like a muted, tone-on-tone palette, while others want an electric mix of zesty colors and robust patterns.

To find a picture-perfect pillow combination, first evaluate the style and color palette of the space and the furniture where the pillows will sit. If there is already a lot of pattern and color in the furniture or room, I’d recommend keeping the pillows pretty neutral. But “neutra…………… continues on Ventura County Star

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