Home Style: Want dreamier decor? Time for some pillow talk!
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SH12D011HOMESTYLE April 2, 2012 — Accent pillows pack a powerful punch and can instantly give a room loads of panache. (SHNS photo courtesy Nell Hill’s)

They may be featherweights, but as decorating tools, accent pillows pack a powerful punch. Time and again I’ve seen the right pillows take a nothing room and make it fresh and fabulous.

To reinvent my living room on a regular basis, I simply switch out the accent pillows. This little switcheroo, performed during the changing of the seasons, is a super-simple and cost-effective way to keep this key room looking fresh.

Here are some simple steps to follow:

Evaluate your room: Assess the style and color palette of the space and the furniture where the pillows will sit. If there already is a lot of pattern and color in the furniture or room, keep the pillows pretty neutral. But “neutral” doesn’t mean “boring.” You can use lots of different fabric textures, styles and trims to give the pillows personality.

If the room and furnishings are neutral, then the sky’s the limit for pillows. You can keep your pillows neutral, in keeping with the room. Or you can use…………… continues on TCPalm

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