Home Style: Pull together a beautiful food-service display quickly
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Whether entertaining friends for a summer party or just planning dinner for the family, set up a lovely food service to make the meal extra-special. It’s remarkably easy to pull together a beautiful service display in minutes.

One of the best spots to create a dynamite food-service display in seconds is on your dining-room buffet.

Begin by scrutinizing the wall behind the buffet. Can it use some great artwork? I have a sensational painting hanging behind my buffet that is so big it almost spans the buffet’s width. Its presence alone ramps up the look of the whole presentation.

Try flanking either side of the buffet with matching lamps. Forget those wimpy buffet lamps of old and go for larger, taller ones that make a statement. If your room has tall ceilings, like mine does, don’t be afraid to pick lamps that stretch toward the ceiling.

Once these design cornerstones are in place, add a few accents you can leave on your buffet year-round, then spice up with seasonal decor. For instance, include a gorgeous English footbath or hurricane or serving bowl in the foreground of your buffet display, then use this fetching container to hold seasonal treasures, like seashells in the summer and gourds in the fall. Could it get any simpler? Or set the buffet as if you’re going to have a party that day. Use intriguing serving pieces to create an attractiv…………… continues on Enterprise News

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After a too-quick scroll down Pinterest lane, you might conclude the site isn’t for you. Sure, those lemon ricotta pancakes make your mouth water and that homemade all-purpose cleaner could save you money, but you tend to prefer software over cookware and point-and-shoot cams over polka dots.

While categories like Home Décor, Food & Drink, and DIY & Crafts are the most popular, the virtual pinboard site does have dedicated Geek and Technology sections for those of a more PCMag-persuasion. Unfortunately, they are often still littered with misclassified images of Jessica Simpson’s latest hairstyle and cupcakes.

No doubt, the majority of content reminds us that Pinterest is dominated by middle-aged women in the Midwest who enjoying planting and braiding things. Interestingly enough, however, in the United Kingdom, the demographic skews younger, wealthier, and markedly more male,…………… continues on PC Magazine

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