Home & Garden: Decorating a rented home
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A home is reflective of a person’s style in many ways. It is not easy to reflect a sense of style when you are bound by the rules of your landlord.

If you need a splash of color and change of pace, there are a few things you can do.

Voiding a lease can be very expensive and can result in legal action in some cases. It is important to follow the rules outlined in your lease agreement and not make any changes to the property that you are renting unless they are allowed.

Many landlords mandate that no permanent changes be made to a property. Temporary changes are allowed in most cases and that opens renters up to express themselves when making their space feel like a home.

Tara Winston, an Abilene interior designer who works out of her own rental home, understands the need for color and style when it comes to one’s living space.

“A home needs to reflect the style of the occupant,” Winston said. “It is hard to develop a sense of style when someone believes that they are stuck with beige walls and shag carpet. Everyone needs color surrounding them. It is good for the soul.”

Winston offered a list of ideas that renters can execute to spice up their standard-issue rental apartments and homes. None of Winston’s ideas are designed to be permanent changes that will cause damage to a property.

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Even though it was a very mild winter, there is nothing like the bright, bold colors of spring to put a smile on your face.  Why not bring some springtime indoors? Here are a few ideas to brighten your home, but also remember that un-cluttering has a long term effect as well.

Living/Family Room:

  • Change out all dark-colored throws and pillows and add brighter pastels and colors. 
  • Remove heavy drapes and replace them with light sheers that let in more light and brighten things up.
  • Don’t forget to clean the windows so they sparkle as well!
  • Replace candles with vases of brightly colored flowers.
  • Add a lush plant in front of or inside the fireplace that will not be used again until fall.
  • Replace dark lampshades with light-colored ones.


  • Stash heavy blankets or down comforters in the closet and replace with lighter spreads. 
  • Replace heavy accessories on nightstands and dressers with glass bowls filled with seashells, or sea glass.
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