Home Design Ideas That Have Gone Horribly Wrong
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When I moved into my first apartment, I thought it would be absolutely adorable to paint brightly-colored moldings and window frames to offset the plain cream-colored walls. I agonized over hues, hung paint chips everywhere, and finally settled on the perfect combination. The result? Disaster.
Sometimes we have creative brainstorms that turn into something interesting, a quirky accent that really works. Other times, we end up wanting to call FEMA. But at least decorating disasters don’t just happen to us. The pros who make stuff don’t always get it right, either.  
Here are some design ideas that might look good on paper, but actually living with them? Please, just no.

3D Decorative Wall Panels

I found these on a flash-sale site, which confirms my suspicion that sometimes things go on sale for a reason. As in, nobody wanted them. The idea here…………… continues on The Stir
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