Home Decor Ideas: Black is In! 6 Ways to Add Black to Your House
News from Realty Today:

Posted by Candy (media@latinospost.com) on Mar 03, 2015 05:16 AM EST
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In decorating your home, black is always in. Black is a simple color that almost always projects elegance and attention, given the correct application.

Make a Relaxed Bedroom

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According to Countryliving, a bedroom with a touch of black can help people sleep better. Too bright rooms decorated with too many sunny colors agitate the senses, adding to anxiety and s not-so-peaceful sleep, according to

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New boutique Form sells floral arrangements, home décor items
News from Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

Beth Miller learned just about everything she knows about flowers from her mum, a horticulturalist.

When Miller’s friends started getting married, they’d ask her to create bouquets for their big days. Then, friends of those friends would come calling for their wedding flowers, too.

When a space that had been occupied by a flower shop opened up in the Milwaukee Public Market recently, Miller jumped at the chance to start a small business there. Her boutique, called Form, will be open Thursday. She plans to sell floral arrangements and will happily take orders for special events.

Now, it’s friends of friends — of friends, she says.

She describes her floral design style as “natural,” celebrating the unique structure of each flower in arrangements that are loose and asymmetrical. There will be no tidy bunches of pink roses in which all the flowers fall dutifully into line, seemingly identical to one another, she says.

“I don’t want to say I have a dark aesthetic,” she says. “But I do like to use a lot of neutral colors with a few pops of bright things. It’s also a little more free form … not very controlled.”

Form will also sell more than flowers and feature some familiar faces, too. When Miller was st…………… continues on Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

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