Holiday Home Decorating Contest winners announced in East Norriton
News from The Times Herald:

EAST NORRITON � The East Norriton Parks and Recreation Department has announced the winners of the Annual Holiday Home Decorating Contest. The judges traveled throughout the township to view the many homes decorated. The Best of Show winner was the Saldutti family of Windsor Drive.

In the western section of the township, first place was the Vargas family of Pierce Road, second place was Carrie Brady of Green Ridge Drive and third place was the Gorman family on Sandra Lane. Honorable mention goes to the McCracken family on Polk Road and the O�Connor family on Hayes Road.

In the central section of the township, first place was Tom Nolan of Wellington Road, second place was the Beck family of Barbara Drive and third place was the Sanders family of Stoney Creek Road. Honorable mentions went to the Morrison family on Wellington Road, the Wilson family on Sycamore Lane and the Pascucci family on Bryans Road.

In the eastern section of the township, first place went to the Myers family on West Hartranft Boulevard, second place to Mary Houser of Sienna Drive and third place to the Fattore family of Mill Road. Honorable mentions went to the DiGiovanni family of Lawnton Road, Rich Carbonaro of Old Arch Road and the Lee family of Teardrop Terrace.

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Amity Rescue Squad among Christmas House and Business Decorating Contest …
News from Wellsville Daily Reporter:

BELMONT � As people decorated their homes in Belmont for the annual Christmas House and Business Decorating Contest, sponsored by the Belmont Rotary Club, it began to look a lot like Christmas.

�There were not as many houses to look at this year, but the houses and businesses that did decorate looked great,� said Donna DiGirolamo, public relations person with the Rotary Club.

�I think the weather caught people a little off guard. We didn�t have that warm break we usually get right after Thanksgiving when everyone decorates,�?she said. �And I think it has been too cold for some of the older people to get out. I know a lot of people were busy on the 7th, trying to be ready for the contest.�

There is no registration or entry fee for the contest, she said. The houses and businesses just had to be decorated by Dec. 8, when the judges started their tours.

DiGirolamo said members of the Rotary Club piled into a couple of cars and just traveled around the town, looking at all the lights.

�We drove about 40 miles that night,� she said.

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