Holiday decor gets creative with candles
News from Memphis Commercial Appeal:

Mix several sizes of candles with glass cylinders filled with silver ribbons, garlands and Christmas ornaments. Pine cones ranging from tiny to huge add an earthy element to elegant collection. Photo from “Creative Accents: Home Decor Ideas with Glass.” (please credit)

Photo by Alan Spearman //

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Holiday decor ideas to melt Scrooge’s heart
News from Globe and Mail:

It’s a common assumption that Charles Dickens invented modern Christmas, perhaps because of his popular 1843 book, A Christmas Carol. But he didn’t. Queen Victoria and her German-born husband, Prince Albert, are responsible for introducing the decorated Christmas tree, a Teutonic tradition, to England; they erected one at Windsor Castle in 1841. And it’s Thomas Nast, the German-born American illustrator, who is widely credited with inventing Santa Claus; Nast drew the kindly, portly figure for Harper’s Weekly in 1862 to commemorate the sacrifices of the Union during the U.S. Civil War.

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