Gilbert Holiday Decorating Comes Early
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Want to know one of the things I love most about selling our condo in the city and moving into our suburban home? I now have the ability to decorate the bejeezus out of our house!

When we were in the city, it was virtually impossible to fit any decorations into our 1,200-square-foot condo, considering my husband, our baby girl and I, as well as our two 100-pound Labradors, were already squeezed into those four walls.

I rarely decorated for holidays in the city because there wasn’t any room to put stuff; a scented candle was the farthest I went when it came to getting into the holiday spirit. Everything remained in our storage unit across town, collecting dust, waiting for us to relocate to a home where I could finally bust out the piece-meal decorations that I had collected over the years.

Not anymore, baby!

I am in full-blown Martha mode! The decorations are ready to go, and sadly, I have already begun decorating for H…………… continues on

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