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Make your dining table look deliciously festive this Christmas. Contributed

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Pedestals offer many levels of interest, including decor and food, for entertaining.  

I don’t know how it is in your home, but in ours, every project requires different roles, different skills, different levels of involvement.

In some large projects in the yard, such as the fence, Marcia, who has the vision, is the director and I am part of her supporting cast and crew. Sometimes, her entire crew.

In others — like replacing a garbage disposal or unclogging leaf-choked rain gutters — I’m a one-person production, just as she is on many occasions, too.

But in the case of the decor and decorations for our daughter’s baby shower, I was about as useful as an executive producer on a movie. You know, the person who had nothing to do with the movie creatively, but who still joins 30 others on stage when the best picture Oscar is announced, wearing a big goofy grin.

And in this case, though, I was the lucky person who got to watch from a distance, ready to help however he could, as Marcia, daughter Madeline (perhaps with an assist from her daughter-to-be, Noelle) and daughter-in-law Andie created something very, very special.

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