Gardening Tips: Wagon wheel decorating ideas
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Wagon wheels come in many sizes in vinyl or wood. Decorate the exterior of your home and give it a country or southwestern theme.
No other outdoor decoration gives the farm-feel of a wagon wheel combined with flowers. Make that a wagon wheel and a cow skull and you have a southwestern theme. Wagon wheels made for decorative use are widely available commercially. Some are sturdy and able to support weight while others are not. They come in different sizes and styles. There are ornate or plain spokes. The hubs vary in size and appearance. The wheels are marketed in both wood and white vinyl. What ever your decorating project, you can find a wagon wheel to suit your needs.

Wagon wheel decorating ideas

Who hasn’t seen a wagon wheel casually leaned against a fence near a driveway or street. It is as if the stagecoach may stop by for repairs at any moment. It is a small trip back in time. There are many ways to incorporate wagon wheels into your outdoor living space. They may be used vertically, horizontally, whole, or halved.

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