Gardening December 2013: Look to the garden for decorating ideas
News from Sacramento Bee:

Every season I look to my garden for decorating ideas: flowers and foliage in spring and summer, colorful leaves in autumn, bright berries, greenery and pine cones in winter. This year I went a step further.

I didn’t have time to cut a Christmas tree, so decided to use the potted magnolia that lives on my front deck. I gave it a thorough watering, let it drain, them moved the 8-foot tall tree into the house. I vowed no store-bought ornaments, no plastic tinsel and no artificial garlands. The only nod to modern technology would be a string of LED lights wound through the leafless branches.

My ornaments were lemons and mandarins. I used grapevines – with tendrils and a few stray leaves still attached – for a garland. I finished it off with tiny pinecones picked up from beneath the ponderosa pines and bits of mosses and lichens from fallen tree limbs on the property.

The tree topper was a sprig of dried money plant seed pods and a few stems of red nandina berries tied with a piece of raffia. It was beautiful.

Look in your yard for inspiration. Decorate with what you have.


If you have any vines that need cutting back, use the long pieces you cut to make wreaths. Take a piece about three feet long, make a circle the size you want the wreath, and weave the rest o…………… continues on Sacramento Bee

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