Frugal Family: Saving money on fall decorations
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by Stephanie Eaton Harvie The Cleveland Post

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At Home: Design questions from readers
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As long as I live, I will have more questions than answers. In fact, I’ve built this column on my endless design and home improvement quandaries. I run my problems by experts, and report my findings to you.

Occasionally, however, the tables turn. Guilty by association, I become the sought-out expert.

Two weekends ago, for instance, I spoke at home and garden shows in Orlando and Denver. To create some buzz (excitement takes it too far), the home editor at The Denver Post asked if she could post a blog inviting readers to ask me their design dilemmas.

At first I thought, “Wait! I’m the one with the problems here! I’m the one stuck in a half-finished basement pulling my hair out because the plumbing isn’t to code. I’m the one developing a facial tic in the paint aisle trying to pick the perfect color. I’m the one eating Tums by the jar because company’s coming and a dead varmint has died in the attic and is stinking up the place.”

“Sure,” I said. What could I say?

And the questions streamed in. Soon I realized I had in fact muddled through and found answers to every design dilemma posed. I’m sharing some of the most universal problems here, along with my tips from the trenches.

Dear Marni: I downsized my home after my husband died and now I have this “monster” furniture in my living room. How do I decorate around…………… continues on

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