Five ways to survive a home decorating project as a couple
News from Columbia Daily Tribune:

I admit it. I singlehandedly took over the decorating of my family’s house. To most, this would seem natural because I work in the field and have always had a very strong aesthetic point of view. But what our friends and colleagues don’t realize is that my husband also has interior design opinions — ones that I bulldozed over.

Although I am proud of how our house turned out, I am not proud of the fact that I pretended to, but in reality did not, involve him. My husband equates the decorating process to the time we selected our wedding registry — I dragged him along under the guise that his opinion mattered when all I really wanted was for him to like what I liked.

For our house, we bickered about the placement of the dining table, the color of the sofa, whether to hang curtains and, of course, the price of everything. In almost all cases, I got my way, but not without consequences. Even today, years after the last room was finished, my decorating domination comes back to haunt me, especially in the heat of an argument — it’s the prime example of how I take over everything.

Although I can’t undo my actions, I can impart some wisdom to my clients so that their process is more balanced than ours was. I encourage couples to focus on the most important elements…………… continues on Columbia Daily Tribune

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