Easy décor ideas for Halloween and beyond
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Q • What are some easy décor projects and updates I can add to my home for Halloween and harvest?

A • As the season turns and the days get shorter, it’s nice to focus on the décor aspects of the home rather than the get-your-hands-dirty home improvement projects. Fall is a perfect time to enhance curb appeal and your indoor space by adding seasonal flare. Items can be decorated and enhanced to bring attention to all the work you have done to your home throughout the year.

One of my favorite outside items is the pumpkin. The practice has always been to buy them, cut them up and then throw them away. In the time leading up to Halloween, opt to decorate the pumpkin before you carve. Pinterest is a great place to find design inspiration for decorating options that will look best in your space.

My family and I love monogrammed pumpkins. We choose an elaborate font and type the first letters of our family members’ names in the biggest font size. Next, we print out the letters, cut them and trace them on the face of the pumpkin. After drawing the letters we fill them in with craft paint, or cover them with the paper outlines and spray paint the pumpkin.

With this project, your pumpkins will stay fresh until Halloween, and you can carve your jack-o’-lanterns out of the s…………… continues on STLtoday.com

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7 Fun & Natural Autumn Decor Ideas
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Gourds, twigs, apples, acorns — the harvest season is here. But put your wallet away. Ditch the store-bought hangings, artificially scented candles, and plastic maple wreaths. There are cheaper, more natural ways of decorating your house for the season. Everything you need to brighten up your quarters lies within or just outside your front door. If you want to get a little resourceful and creative, here are some great ideas for decorating your house with bits of autumn!

Light some candles. Candles make great decorations, and the beeswax variety even purifies your air. Try hand dipping your own tapers as a fun afternoon experiment, or pour melted wax and a wick into acorn caps to make teensy, super adorable floating tea lights. If you have some old candles hanging around, recycled mason jars are a great way to hang some flickering festivity around the house in eco-friendly style.

If you are more daring, try scenting your own candles. Most autumn-scented candles are highly artificial and a bit nauseating. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to uniquely scent your own candles with various combinations of your favorite scents. Simply ad…………… continues on Care2.com

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