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Vintage dishware doesn’t have to gather dust in the china cabinet.

Outdated table settings, such as a stack of your grandmother’s old plates or a bundle of used mugs you scooped up at Salvation Army, can find fresh life with a little TLC. All it takes is a marker or a drill and a basic plan.

“I always find it a bit sad when things so loved by previous generations are thrown on the scrap heap,” says lifestyle blogger Anna Nicholson, based in Yorkshire, England.

“I’m always looking for ways things can be reused, upcycled and overhauled to fit in with our 21st century style.”

Here are some ways to spruce up old china and dollar-store dishes:

The popular craft-swapping website Pinterest is full of plate-decorating projects that tap into the “magic” of magic markers.

Nicholson, whose blog is “angel in the north” ( ), uses Sharpies to personalize vintage floral plates. In one set, she adorned each plate with a letter in the word “EAT,” to display in the kitchen. In another, she used four plates to spell out the word “HOME.”

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