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Watch out for the Holiday Police
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We had drinks in late February at a friends’ family getaway home, and I couldn’t help but notice that the entire house was still decked out for Christmas. Multiple trees. Knick-knacks of Santa and his reindeer. A gazillion elves.

The massive wreaths on the front door should have been a clue to what was going on inside — a severe case of post-holiday decorating madness. Apparently the family matriarch hasn’t taken the decorations down in 10 years.

And that calls for a ticket.

My daughter and I call ourselves the Holiday Police.

As we drive around town, we take note of all the holiday decorations that really should come down by Jan. 15. We decided on that date because we wanted to be generous to those who might need help taking down their holiday decorations.

We like to imagine ourselves like those old Dragnet detectives, marching up the inappropriately decorated front walkway and ringing the doorbell. “Holiday Police, ma’am. We’ve got a citation for that reindeer sleigh on your front lawn. It’s crowding the daffodils and confusing the children. Ma’am, take it down or we’re hauling you in.”

Perhaps this obsession is leftover trauma from my childhood in Staten Island, which is notorious for its overly done (and overly loud) holiday décor. The anti-Bedford Falls.

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