Designer Carpet Ideas
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Designer carpets can make your house look extremely beautiful. Designer carpets which are made up of unique fabrics, can give your house an edge over regular flooring decoration. Carpets types are many and you can pick the one which matches your existing house decor. There are plenty of varieties available in the market for you to choose from. Some interesting carpet ideas for your house are given below.

Some of the designer carpets are listed below for you to try.

  • Saxony- Carpets are made up of tightly twisted cut piles and consist of two or more fibres that have been twisted together in a yarn. These carpets provides very soft texture and can be used in formal and informal areas. They are available in different patterns and designs. These designer carpets are made up of a very delicate fibre, which makes even footprints and vacuum cleaner marks visible.
  • Knotted Piles- Knotted carpets are designed in such a way that the structural weft thread will alternate with a supplementary thread that will rise from the surface of the weave. The two threads will be knotted in a perpendicular angle to give a distinct look. This designer carpet looks very elegant and is one of the best carpet ideas for your house.
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