Decorating: Improve The Home And Relationships
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By Barbara Kaplan –

Why are women expected to know how to decorate a home? Traditionally, when a woman gets married she is expected to be the one to decorate the home. Even before she is married, she may feel the responsibility to be the homemaker and therefore the family decorator. Bachelors are considered inept in this area and always seeking help with buying and making furnishings decisions.

Well, this isn’t true! This has not been my experience in my practice. In very many cases, the husband has been very involved and in several cases taken over the project and worked mainly with me. I am not sure why, but one answer may be that I always engage the husband and actually insist he be part of the first or second meeting with me. Once this happens, he becomes more comfortable and the mystery of decorating is dissolved and the fear becomes minimized or completely removed. He is now experiencing the process and therefore appreciates his wife’s efforts and feels important to her and to the process.

I have seen it many times: connecting in this way strengthens relationships and brings couples closer. Contrary to what sometimes is s…………… continues on citysuntimes

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Decorating my home is an ongoing project. Paintings and pieces of furniture get swapped on almost a weekly basis. I realize that having children does not mean that one has to baby-proof the house; it only means that you can make things more interesting for them to look at.

I’ve scoured the city’s home décor and furniture stores and have not found anything new in a long time. Finally, out of the winding maze of Poblacion rises PhoeNix Home of Nix Alañon.

An interior decorator by trade, Nix started making furniture to satisfy the needs of his clients. In PhoeNix, I found pieces that I had a hard time finding; beautiful accent chairs and tables, armoires and throw pillows. Nix has a penchant for animal-inspired things, as seen in his chairs with animal legs, animal accessories, and even beautiful cowhide rugs from Argentina.

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