Decorating homes is a long-running tradition for some
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Tombstones sit in front of three inflatable ghosts at the Kerby house on 7th Street South while Katherine Maer Kerby puts the final touches on the spider web that spreads across the entire front of the house. It took Kerby two days to decorate with the help of Cierra Simon. They expect 250 trick or treaters to enjoy their spooky decorations. Photo by: Lee Adams/Dispatch Staff

Julia Hill stands in front her house that she decorated with more than 20 spiders. She and her father, Charles Hill, have been doing the decorations for six years. It takes about two hours to complete the process.
Photo by: Lee Adams/Dispatch Staff

For some local families, decorating their homes for Halloween is an annual tradition.  

Attorney Katherine Kerby and her daughter, Kat, try to outdo themselves every year, transforming their front ya…………… continues on The Commercial Dispatch

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Five Things My Mother Taught Me About Home Decorating
News from 10 Thousand Couples:

“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.”

Like any home we’ve ever had, my mother’s post-divorce condo is beautiful. Her condo is more than just clean, although it’s always that; it’s also comfortable, inviting, and interesting to look at. She has managed to mix farmhouse antiques with graphic, modern pieces to create her own style.

After seeing her place, friends and co-workers have begged my mother to decorate their homes. Realtors have encouraged her to stage homes for sale. She takes the compliments, but she doesn’t think she’s doing anything out of the ordinary. The idea of living among clutter and chaos is upsetting, almost disturbing, to her. It’s not even an option.

As for me, I like my living space to be stylish and organized, but I don’t have my mother’s compulsive need to make it so. It occurred to me that I could probably fake it just by imitating her habits. For example, despite initial impressions, my mother doesn’t clean constantly or even particularly often. Her condo looks immacu…………… continues on 10 Thousand Couples

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