Decor Ideas For The Living Room
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Living rooms create the first impression of your entire house to your guests. It is this one room in your house you can decorate by creating colour variations, colour schemes and patterns.

You can also use many accessories to decorate your living room. You can experiment with décor ideas and design themes in your living room.

The living room would be probably one such room where you will use all your heart and soul for choosing a décor theme. In this article we will discuss a few decor ideas for your living room. This article will help you to decorate your house and give you design ideas for your living room.

Red and White – Use the love combination, red and white, as a design idea for your living room. Red can be too vibrant if used alone, so use white to balance the brightness of red. Colour alternate layers or alternate walls in your living room with the two colours. You can use the sofa cushion, window curtains and accessories in red. Select the coffee table, television rack and chair in white. Use a little of black in the furniture to balance the brightness. This is a romantic decor idea for living room interiors.

Keep it floral – Floral always works well as a simple design idea for living room. To decorate your living room with floral theme, use green pastels for your walls and…………… continues on BoldSky

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