Decor ideas for one room living
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Living in one room needn’t be dreary and unglamourous, the right design tricks can make your room quite stylish and comfortable photo by ismail Kezaala  

In Summary

The present economy means that living in a huge multi-bedroomed home is a sheer luxury, so many people opt for the single all-purpose room. If you are in this situation, despair not. Your single room can be transformed into a decor dream.

I recently visited a friend and was intrigued by how he managed to have everything in just one room. He has two seater sofa sets, an office desk that acted as his office, in one corner he had small kitchen and a small side-board and on the other side behind the sofas a bed with a closet and a small drawer where he kept his documents at the back. He also had a large mirror on the wall in front of the bed, and the use of the bright colours on the walls won my admiration.

All these things were in one room and yet the room still looked big.
For Peter Opolot (not real names) is just fresh from university and he recently got a job as a cashier that is not earning him the seven figure salary that he hopes to earn in future, for now with all the needs that warrant his attention he decided to settle for a single large room…………… continues on Daily Monitor

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New Bridgewater Falls business offers home decorating options
News from Middletown Journal:

By Eric Schwartzberg, Staff Writer 4:20 PM Wednesday, March 28, 2012

FAIRFIELD TWP. — A new shop at the center of Bridgewater Falls Lifestyle Shopping Center offers aspiring home decorators a chance to flex their creative muscles.

Sara’s House, 3373 Princeton Road, is filled with 1,200 square feet of home decor options, including furniture, framed art, lamps, throw pillows, dishes and bedding. Smaller items include rustic signs, hand-crafted candles, whimsical figurines, picture frames and original photographic prints.

Sara Vallandingham said the opportunity to open the business last month “presented itself out of nowhere” when another business unexpectedly closed.

Vallandingham, who has decorated professionally for years, said she will search out bargains in “all kinds of unique places” but any item purchased from Sara’s House is sold at a discount.

The store also highlights “Nine Lives Reincarnated Furniture,” a new line of benches, furniture, wall hangings and other unique items by her husband Dave, including an entryway case created from an antique door and a table.

“He’s a true picker,” she said. “Whatever he can get his hands on from antiques to barnwood … he just has an…………… continues on Middletown Journal

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