Creative Home Decorating with Candles
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Good idea for those who want to create a certain kind of ambience in their homes is to start using candles in order to achieve what they want. If you want to enhance your place without having to shell out a substantial amount of money, then it is time that you look for candle decoration ideas that are easy to follow.

Candle Light Fixtures

Instead of using the usual chandeliers and sconces, you can use candles to lighten up any part of your home. Chandeliers and sconces are known to be costly so you will be able to save a lot of money by making your own candle chandeliers and sconces. Below are some ideas:

• Use French chandeliers that hold candles instead of bulbs.

• Place a square candle chandelier over a round dining table for a contemporary, contrasting look.

• For long, rectangular dining tables, hang over it a long wooden plank, parallel to the table. Accentuate it with 25 to 30 fat, stable candles but with different heights.

• For square dining tables, also use square wooden planks to hold the candles. In this case, try to align the heights and the distribution of the candles evenly to create a serene look.

• Place candle sconces near bathroom mirrors in order to cast dramatic lighting on your face.

• You can also place Victorian ins…………… continues on

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Design Ideas for the Bedroom 2012
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Contemporary homes of today often sport well-designed interiors that add a tad of colour and loads of comfort to an otherwise drab living space. Although home interiors are based on your own preferences, seasonal and annual design trends can also influence the choice of colours, fabrics and decorative artefacts. It is, however, an expensive proposition to keep pace with evolving design trends, but a well-planned interior make-over may stay in vogue for a long time, with just some occasional minor adjustments, such as cheap vertical blinds.

Bedroom design is an important aspect of home interiors and calls for the right mix of colour, texture, furniture and lighting to make the place cosy, comfortable, spacious and functional. Soft, muted shades of cream, brown, green and grey, with a dash of deep blue, purple and red are the latest colour trends for bed linen. Bold black and white patterns, both random designs and stripes, are quite popular as this combination serves to highlight the highs and lows of life in a balanced way. Pure white is always a welcome choice offering a serene, calm and soothing effect to the bedroom. Golden sheens are the in-thing this year, and a sparkle of gold on any piece of fabric is bound to brighten up the entire scene. Combined with the appropriate fabric of…………… continues on

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