Creative Easter Decorating Ideas
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Instead of just dying eggs this weekend, why not spice things up by adding a unique twist to your decorations.

If you have dyed eggs already there’s a few ways to make them look different. Let kids decorate them with words or patterns by using a gold leaf pen or sharpie.

Temporary tattoos are a great way to put a stamp on your eggs. Just use a damp sponge or paper towel to press and hold the image on the shell for 10-30 seconds.

Looking for an eco-friendly way to dye eggs? Indigo dye comes from plants and creates a pretty blue color on the shells. For this project gloves are needed as the dye can stain. You may want to use this in a well ventilated area as the natural dye has a distinct smell.

A fun one for kids is for eggs to be painted with chalkboard paint and let the kids decorate. This can be a great way to keep kids busy while preparing an Easter meal.

A new trending way to decorate eggs is by using 100% silk from a scarf or tie and dye the pattern onto the egg. All you n…………… continues on Valley News Live

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