Craft Ideas to Transform Your Home for the Holidays
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(StatePoint) This year, forego those store-bought plastic reindeers and craft your own holiday décor instead.

Personalization adds a unique and elegant touch to your home. And with a little ingenuity, even items you’d normally throw away like candy wrappers and old magazines can be transformed into spectacular vases, holiday gifts and jewelry.

“Grab a sheet of paper and hold it in your hands. Think of all the things you can do with it: Crumple it, fold it, rip it, paint it, weave it, stitch it, tear paper into strips to make papier-mâché or cut it into intricate designs. Each sheet of paper contains endless possibilities,” says Kayte Terry, visual merchandising manager for Anthropologie stores and author of “Paper Made,” a new crafting book full of project ideas made from every day materials. 

Here’s a project you can try at home, that just takes 10 steps. Terry is offering directions for a “Ring Around the Rosey Vase,” so you can plant your Holly this year in a vase made by you:

1.      Use a craft knife, ruler, and cutting mat to cut magazine pages into 600 1/4 inch strips. 

2.      Use cylindrical objects of different sizes as rolling instruments. Roll the strips around the object once, then brush glue on the next section of the strip and roll again. Dab glue at the end of the strip to seal the coil.

3.      Brush each roll with decoupa…………… continues on

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