City-run program in New Jersey teaches residents how to decorate their homes …
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NEWARK, N.J. — Fashion designer J. Wesley Tann had a piece of advice for the six women who signed up for his city-sponsored class on home decorating.

“The Dollar Store makes you look so good,” Tann told them. “You’ll wonder how you ever got along without it.”

Tann, an impeccably dressed octogenarian, has become an etiquette expert and event planner in Newark. He is now showing city residents how to make their homes more beautiful on a budget. The new class aims to bring city beautification indoors with small, inexpensive dashes of flair.

“Money is scarce, and people don’t realize that you can have beautiful things without spending a lot of money,” Tann said.

Money is tight all around — especially for the City of Newark, which in recent years has cut nearly 1,000 employees.

The $ 2,000 required for the decor program comes out of the city’s recreation budget.

“This class offers Newark residents an opportunity to learn how they can create charming interior decorating without spending large amounts of money,” said Tharien Kareem Arnold, the city’s director of neighborhood and recreational services, in a statement. “They will also learn personal skills and expand their creativity. I commend our Recreation team on developing and maintaining this class.”

Tann, clad one recent day in a navy blue blazer with gold butto…………… continues on Washington Post

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In general, supermarkets and farmers markets have the best prices on pumpkins.

The average American plans to spend well over $ 70 this year on Halloween decorations, candy and costumes. Can you see us recoiling in horror from there?

A little advanced planning can help you spend less. In that spirit, we’ve put together five things you can do to decorate your house for Halloween on a serious budget.

1. Spooky music sets the scene for nothing : It’s amazing how imaginations will run wild when given very little stimulus. If you did nothing but turn out all the lights in your house and put a portable speaker or iPod dock on the porch blaring some spooky music, you still would make passing trick-or-treaters squeal with delight.

2. Brown bag luminarias set the mood…for less than $ 4 : Flickering candlelight adds just the right bit of mystery to homes at Halloween. Grab some brown lunch bags, fill the bottom quarter with sand and stick in tea lights – Ikea sells bags of 100 for $ 3.99. Better yet, check around your house first. We’ll…………… continues on News & Observer

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