Christmas decorations: ideas from Japan
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Kawamoto captures the beauty of plants and the changes wrought on them by time. He also incorporates objets trouvés, toys, pebbles, containers, fabrics and trimmings.

He loves to display plants together on stepladders, window frames and shelves, and in fabric pockets, and likes to show the roots as well as leaves, stems and flowers.

This book crystallised ideas I already like and encouraged me to take a low-key, laid-back view of Christmas decoration. Starting with The Tree. Leaving my poor spruce in peace without the horror of annual disinterment, and ignoring cries of “Call that a Christmas tree?” from my sons, I bought a tree made of flotsam and jetsam decorated with sea-washed glass from beachcomber Martin Pammant (

A Christmas table centrepiece with succulents; bulbs in a Kilner jar

I intend to discard a few more Christmas shibboleths – as follows. My pressed leaf wreaths have been swapped for circlet of faux succulents ( pressed into a mossy ring, happy among the other succulents in my porch. I’ve…………… continues on

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