Christmas Decorations & Ideas 2013: Last Minute House Decorations
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First Posted: Dec 23, 2013 10:45 AM EST

Christmas Ornament (Photo : Flickr / zaimoku_woodpile)

Are you sitting at home scrambling to find out how to make your house more festive? It’s nearly Christmas, but there are a few last minute decorating ideas you can put in place to make your house look great. Plus you’ll go from zero to hero in the eyes of your in-laws.

Thomas Kinkade Pre-Lit, Pre-Decorated Instant Christmas Tree – $ 69.99

Don’t have a Christmas tree yet? Don’t bother getting an 8-foot tall monstrosity; just purchase a pre-lit tabletop tree. These types of miniature Christmas trees work particularly well for condominiums and apartment units. Kinkade’s tree is perfect since it comes pre-decorated in addition to being lit up. You can also hang a wreath on the outside of your door. It’s very inviting.

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Bay Decoration Ideas For Christmas: Reader’s Vote
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Christmas is round the corner and it is about fun and celebrations and what is Christmas without decorations. If you are thinking of giving a personal touch to your cubicle then plan ahead.

The bay in your office is the place you spend most of your work hours.

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It is the place you spend several hours in a day and it should definitely have the warmth and look for you to stay calm.

If your bay is dull looking, then you will have a dull time at work.

The place you work will also reflect on your work. Good working conditions will show up in your work and may take you to higher levels at work. A calm and fresh mind is all that is needed to perform well at work.

There are a few guidelines you actually need to follow to make your bay attractive. This Christmas you can make your bay beautiful and capture the admiration of your fellow workmates. If you really planning to give them a surprise, then follow d├ęcor ideas Christmas. Bay decoration…………… continues on BoldSky

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