China’s Middle Class Demands Stylish Home Décor, Ziyang Ceramics Has The …
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As the number of middle class workers in China continues to surge, some interesting trends are emerging, according to analysts and economists the world over. With more than 300 million Chinese considered “middle class,” defined by their standards as individual annual incomes between USD $ 30,000 and $ 60,000 (according to the Bullworthy Equity Research Report for Ziyang), many are enjoying the pleasures of owning new homes, cars, and the material possessions and styles Western popular culture espouses.

One small, publicly-traded company is capitalizing on that trend – Ziyang Ceramics Corporation (ZYCI.OB) – by making trendy porcelain wall and floor tiles for Chinese homes. Just like their American counterparts, for the Chinese, the financial ability and wherewithal to purchase and own a home is the equivalent of a milestone in reaching the middle class. In fact, home ownership rates in China have skyrocketed over the last decade, and that’s sparked speculation of a massive real estate bubble in major cities and industrial hubs of the mainland. Don’t think for a second that companies of all industries have ignored these trends. Major corporations like Wal-Mart (

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