Chamber decorating contest entries still on display in Berea
News from Richmond Register:

BEREA — The Berea Chamber of Commerce conducted it first home decorating contest this year. City residents were encouraged to enter their outdoor displays in one of three categories: traditional, animated and Griswold.

The traditional category involved the use of holiday colors, lights and themes; animated displays involved the use of elements with moving parts and may include the use of multimedia; and the Griswold category was the “extreme use of lights.”

Maudie Neeley, at 502 W. Jefferson Street, was the winner of the “Traditional Christmas” category. She said Christmas is her “favorite time of the year.”

She has been decorating her home for the past 50 years, and even won the distinction of “Best Decorated Home” in the late 1980s when the $ 100 prize was taken off her electric bill, she said. Some of her decorations are 50 years old.

Neeley is a caretaker for special-needs children, so she decorates to make the holidays extra special for them, she said.

“They’re my life,” Neeley said. “They’re probably the only kids in the world that have their own Christmas trees in their rooms.”

Neeley’s granddaughter, Amy French, said family members get together each year to help decorate, which usually takes around four to five days.

In the “Traditional Christmas” category, Neeley’s house features red bows, white lights, Santa’s reindeer…………… continues on Richmond Register

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