Bring the funhouse home with these whimsical design ideas
News from The Globe and Mail:

David Hotson is a serious architect. He studied at the University of Waterloo before doing his masters at Yale. In his early career, in the late 1980s, he worked with fellow Yale alumni Maya Lin – famous for her Vietnam Veterans Memorial – on important projects such as the Museum for African Art in New York. After he started his own practice in the early 1990s, he helped with the redesign of Kofi Annan’s offices at the United Nations.

But Hotson, who was born in Pennsylvania and raised in Southern Ontario, also has an intensely playful side – as in, on the Willy Wonka magnitude of playful.

His Skyhouse Penthouse, completed in 2013, occupies the 21st through the 24th floors of a century-old skyscraper in downtown Manhattan. The overall aesthetic is entirely tasteful: spare rooms with iceberg white walls appointed with fine decor (lamps by the Netherlands’ Marcel Wanders, a Jean Paul Gautier sofa).

Skyhouse Penthouse/David Hotson

But it’s all a backdrop for an adult, indoor playground. There’s a swing, a four-storey rock-climbing pillar that towers up from the living room, and a reflective stainless-steel slide that worms through the entire apartment like a creature from a sci-fi movie. Justifiably, Fast Company magazine named it one of the year’s “coolest” houses. It exemplifies t…………… continues on The Globe and Mail

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