At Home Living: Personalizing your decorating
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The style in which you choose to decorate your home is a highly personal decision. When it comes to how you express your tastes or your family’s style, the sky is the limit.

When asked what styles or trends she sees most Topekans or northeast Kansans decorating in, Penny Carter, an interior designer at the Furniture Mall of Kansas at West Ridge Mall, said “traditional” and “homey.”

“But we’re kind of in the transitional stage between older traditional and contemporary,” she added.

While people are getting bolder when it comes to fabric colors, Carter said, cottons, soft linens and natural texture materials still remain popular. She said many people will choose natural, neutral colors for their upholstery but will accent with a “pop of color” with pillows and other accessories.

Area rugs are also making a comeback, Carter said, regardless of whether there is carpet already in a room or not.

“They really add a lot of depth and dimension to your room,” she said.

Carter said she sees many people personalizing their living rooms, bedrooms and other rooms in their homes with large, framed prints.

“It’s those big, bold, beautiful prints that set the tone or the theme for a room,” she said.

Carter said when someone comes into the Furniture Mall of Kansas and says he or she wants to decorate a room but needs some help, she…………… continues on Topeka Capital Journal

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Updated floral patterns returning to home decor
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After years of simple solids and geometric prints, and just in time for spring, the flower is making a comeback in decor. Floral patterns have been blooming all over fashion runways in recent months, and they are slowly finding their way back into the world of home decorating, too.

It wasn’t long ago that any mention of floral upholstery or wallpaper brought back memories of 1980s cabbage roses, flowery Shabby Chic borders stenciled high on bedroom walls, and suburban houses designed to feel like precious cottages swathed in pink and green.

But today’s new patterns aren’t those florals. And they can be a refreshing antidote to the minimalist patterns that have dominated home decorating in recent years.

“It’s what we’re all craving,” says New York-based designer Jon Call, founder of Mr. Call Designs. “It’s romance, it’s a softness … and it feels fresh again, because no one has defined it for our generation.”

While brands like Laura Ashley delineated the floral look of a generation ago, the new florals have no rules. Which makes them more fun – and more challenging – to use successfully.

Here, Call and two other interior designers – Betsy Burnham of Los Angeles’ Burnham Design, and Brian Patrick Flynn, executive producer of’s Spring House series – offer advice on working with this fresh crop of floral patterns.<…………… continues on

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